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NEW Video Game Company Seeks Funding!


My name is Andrew Buchen. I'm a recent graduate with a B. A. Visual Art, Game Art. I have million dollar game idea's. I have BILLION dollar talent! Some of the best artists and programmers not only in the industry but in the world graduated along side me, and I'm so honored they did. We have ambition and determination to make this venture succeed not only for ourselves but for the individual(s) who put their trust in this dynamic team of individuals! We have the drive and commitment to see our projects through to success and mass retail audiences. We have the only MMO of its type ever conceived on the drawing board, but that's not it, we have an unlimited amount of ideas from each professional mind on our team that amount to dollars.

What we need is a home, equipment, software and wages for this dynamic team to conquer the video game industry with "fresh" new direction. For the right investor this is the opportunity of a lifetime. Its a way to turn idle funds into a future secure investment and a part of a company that will keep on raising the bar in entertainment.

If you would like to be a part of the team? Help us get the material things in place and we'll help you add another success to your financial portfolio in the years to come.

If your interested email to discuss our success and yours.