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Isn't it amazing how we humans come up with new inventions all the time? Things that hopefully make life simpilar or more safe and functional. That's what I do, I invent things.

Its not really that difficult, look at some inventions that have revolutionized the world, The telephone developed from a simple theory that sound could travel as a electric current. How bout the fly swatter? Wire handle and flexible plastic pad to get rid of flying and other pests? The wooden match, a combination of chemicals adhered to the tip of a wooden splinter which when struck along a surface causes combustion and the wooden splinter catches aflame.

Not real tough to imagine some of these things right? Of course there are some more complex things that go into inventions, like knowing what combinations of chemicals will cause the match to ignite when struck. with mechanical inventions there is also prototyping and that's pretty easy these days if you know some 3D modeling skills like I do. You can think of an idea, jot down the basics, refine the basics into a more tangible idea, prototype it (create a 3 dimentional object of your idea), animate it to show its capability, sell the idea, manufacture and distribute the product to its market.

Of course there's some finer details in there like copyright search (see if someone has already thought of it and patented it or copyrighted it.), if not? Copyright it yourself (expense involved), trade mark (TM if desired for added secuirty and to protect the idea - also expense involved), find a buyer or investor like perhaps yourselves? A buyer - may be interested in purchasing the entire rights and product from the inventor and market the item themselves for 100% profit or find another distributor for a percentage of the profits. OR you may invest for a certain mutually agreed upon percentage of the profits from sales OR you may invest purely in a grant like format which would exclude you from profiting but would give you tax right off's etc IRS is a better place to check out those options than here.

Bottom line: people like Alexander Graham Bell or Thomas Edison and many other inventors usually required financing to market and protect their inventions from outside sources.

This page is for the purpose of seeking financial support for inventions. Not only for myself but for any of you inventors out there that need or require financial backing to get your idea to the masses or population. But it also here for those who wish to back an invention or endeavor, be it for some kind of mutual profit percentage or purely for the tax breaks. What ever your reason if you wish to back a project or invention this is the place to do it.

In the next article I will try and clarrify the process even further.


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